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this is funny to me because sarah is reading through the harry potter series and watching each film as she finishes a book. the other night it was chamber of secrets. and i refused to be in the living room for the end of that film. i mean, if i'm prepared, i can sit down and enjoy that. but the ending to that film is the very worst of the series. it makes no sense and it's treaclecity. blarf.

in fact, i'm underwhelmed by most of the endings to the harry potter films (other than POA and OOTP). i try to be of the mind that the books are the books and the movies are the movies. i understand why changes must be made. but i will never forgive david yates and steve knowles for destroying the burrow. i hate the extraction of peeves. dumbledore wouldn't attack harry like he does in goblet of fire, nor would he enter the dorms as he does. "really terrible loss?" fk that. don't explain slytherin's ring before you die or anything. and how about a damn funeral? OR A BATTLE AT THE END OF HBP?


at the same time, i can appreciate some deviations if they further characters or storylines. substituting glorfindel for arwen at the river was inspired, and adding more story between her and aragorn was lovely. also? baz slightly changed the sequence of events at the end of R+J and i was surprised that someone could improve upon the shakespeare and make it even more tragic. and have you ever READ shawshank redemption? SNORE. that movie is a blessing.
hey! they're making a "sin city 2"! AND a "sin city 3"! AAAAAND... johnny depp's rumored to be in both! fun!

and tim burton's making a film version of "alice in wonderland!!!" joy!! (no word yet if this is going to be stop-motion or not.)

for "lost" fans: a video game is due out next year.

the real story of "mulan" is rumored to be out next year, starring zhang ziyi and michelle yeoh.

the boy that they got to play tom riddle (age 11) for "half-blood prince" is ralph fiennes' nephew.

and since i'm talking movies:


snore. it's "cider house rules" without the abortion issue. and you can imagine how interesting THAT is. and they took the ending from "waking ned devine" and made it cheesier.

the only one i recommend this to is kat, because daniel gets his manhood on with a girl.

end review.


i have a confession to make: gabe wanted to see this too. but since i'm a little upset with his lack of communication over the christmas holidays and didn't want to pout about it, i made it my act of revenge to watch this and return it before he got back. pppppbbbbt.

i'm surpised that they were able to come up with something huge enough to turn into a movie, yet keep the regular storyline format. and i'm VERY impressed that so many characters got cameos without feeling like they were cameos for we're-making-a-movie-gotta-give-everyone-due effect. *coughranmacough* but then, they're able to pull it off in their episodes too, so it didn't feel too different.

i really liked it.

end review.


we were trying to remember what else hugo weaving had done other than LOTR and the matrix sagas. i'm impressed that he took a role where he never shows his face. i mean, how do you get an actor to sign on for that? "you're going to be one of the main characters, but your face will never be seen. in fact, we can pretty much just stick anyone in your place and dub you over if you piss us off."

there were things i really liked about it and things that bored me. i couldn't bring myself to watch the making of, because i didn't need ten minutes of natalie portman talking about shaving her head or more parallels between the violence and the london subway bombings. and that's odd, i usually watch all the extras i can. i liked it, but not that much, i guess.

end review.


Dec. 19th, 2007 09:03 am
"the hobbit" is go! but...why TWO movies? dubious.
things on the WGA front look bad bad bad. neither side is budging, and it looks like the higher ups can wait it out. there is now an estimated report that says the situation could go on until september. you heard me. sep. tem. ber. so get ready folks, tv apocalypse is upon us. now is the time to live free and happy lives away from the tv, to get yourself weaned, because you'll be much happier without an addiction later. but if this sounds daunting to you, remember that netflix loves you and has many good shows on dvd. you can start from the beginning of a series and learn to love something new, or you can gain a new addiction to movies and become a buff.

and, may i remind you, *hard nudge nudge* there is LOTS of live theatre out there for your entertainment needs. also, books! the new tv...in your head!!! y'know. might be nice to use the opportunity to try something new.

all i'm saying is: there's a studio out there that's already developing tv remakes of "the A-team" and "mission impossible". and when i say re-makes, i mean they're just shooting the old scripts again. yep. studios own scripts to their own old shows. all they have to do is hire a non-union script doctor and pow. the studios can hold out forever. think about what this means.

the writers won't back down. what they're specifically looking for is residuals on streaming internet shows. we all know that the internet is the future of tv...soon they will mate to make the only home media we know. so to agree on a contract that leaves them making NO money--nothing, $0, zip--on internet tv for the next 20 years would leave them with a salary below the poverty level. (think about that. actors that make millions and writers that make nothing. the foundation of your house is rotten, but the siding sure is perty.) which means that nobody would want to write for tv or movies. which means death of anything worth watching period.

suddenly, september seems hopeful.

tv is survived by feature films, torture porn and shoot-em-ups, and is joined in death by fantasy. )
the last weekend of the summer is gone, and my belly is full of mom's summer foods and veggies straight from the garden. so. time to get down to business. day after labor day = back to movies.

amber's most anticipated movies for the rest of 2005. )



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