sorry sorry sorry. i'm still alive. i just went undercover for the last week or so due to new jobbing and fringe maddness. since i have so much to say about the fringe, i'm just going to go ahead and make my usual journal entries and then add a section on it at the end until i'm done talking about it.

so i've got this new job, see. and i totally owe it to kris and lauren. i owe them dinner big time.

the company: anyhow, it's at a financial firm. i'm really not going to to into what they do here because i don't want to turn your brains to yogurt. it really is dullass stuff, but the job itself isn't bad. the bennies are pretty damn good (almost as fabulous as chapter 13 USED to be), and the people are awesome. they're not your typical boring office folk; they're quirky and funny and really really nice. it's a comfort to know too that you can screw up really badly here and not get fired for it...not even yelled at. it's so different from the bosswich's regime that i'm wondering when i'll start relaxing and stop agonizing over every little thing.

the work itself: i mostly format documents in word and excel. there's some correspondence in there too, but mostly editing. i've only been in the chair for a week and i've learned so much about macros and spacing and headers and footers that i may have raised my MS level up to mage.

the area: i'm in "lowertown" st. paul, in the pretty glass-ceilinged plaza, right next to the most beautifully landscaped park. there is a farmers market and music in the park twice a week. it's also a dog park, so lots of squees. i thought i'd miss my walk through downtown minneapolis, but i park a distance away (to save money) and get my walk in that way. i also thought i'd miss being able to go to the Y directly after work...but there's a YMCA in my building!!! screw "after work" when i can go before or even during lunch!

anyway. it's an office job. and that's all i really ask for. we'll see how i like it once i get paid. there will be plenty of characters coming soon. hopefully, tales of the office can start up again.


so, disney spent millions on voice talent on this one. ewan mcgregor. ricky gervais. john cleese. hugh laurie. jim broadbent. to name about half of the A-listers. and they will not make that money back. sad really, since this one was on my "must see movies of the summer" list. how wrong i was. poor ewan. (the only laughs come from ricky...but that's only riding on his "office" persona. if you don't know that, then the whole movie's sunk.) in fact, i can't even tell you much of the story because i kept falling asleep. truly.

even sadder still: disney's gotten rid of their 2-D department, making the full switch to computer-animated features. unfortunately, this comes right as pixar has had it up to here with disney (and rightly so) and skidaddled for the hills. by the production values of the writers and animators they were able to retain, disney is not long for this world. dreamworks and pixar are going to bury them in the 3-D realm, anime's growing popularity will keep them from retreating to their tried and true 2-D, and even their attempts at pulling off a popular franchise by way of "narnia" will not catch up with WB. buh-bye disney. in the future you will only be known as an amusement park.

REVIEWS OF THE DUCHESS #133: O'FLAHERTY, V.C. (amber's 38th production)

i haven't hated doing a show this much since "great god brown" and "rush limbaugh in night school." this was almost as painful as "laughing at grave matters." almost. performing on the showboat was fun. getting free food and cider and irish music was good. but i will never ever set foot in a lex-ham audition again. lesson learned. free at last, free at last. thank god almighty, i'm free at last.


and now, as some would store away their christmas trees after twelfth night, so do i pack away my fringe buttons for another year. *sigh* my most favorite week has come to a close, and i am satisfied for another 12 months. 10 stars (out of 5). i still wanna produce my own, and i've got 5 months to brainstorm before the applications begin again. *dream*

top ten fringe shows, as seen by the duchess )



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