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no. once you're dead, you're gone. the zombie virus/phenomenon/supernatural occurance comes in and manipulates your body. you are no longer there. this i believe. this i have to believe. because i don't have an escape plan and should zombieizm hit L.A., there is no escape.

we all have to go somehow. i just pray mine isn't by zombie attack.

oh, what am i worried about? my heart would explode from fear before i'd even get a chance to face off against the undead.


THIS WAY TO THRILL THE WORLD!!!! video and photo heavy. )
today is my jewelry day. i'm wearing some pretty rhinestone hairpins that my mom gave me for christmas, the necklace my friend sharon made for me in korea with the glass beads i bought in japan, and my patina bracelet--that which i bought as a present to myself when i needed it most and only wear on jewelry day or grand occasions, because it is pretty and dainty and fine, and full of pink/purple/lemon/lime rhinestones that would break my heart if any of them were to fall out due to daily wear.

that reminds me, i promised [livejournal.com profile] bardhorse last year that i would post a picutre of the bracelet and i never did. well. i have a camera now, so i will.

yesterday was luxury day, and [livejournal.com profile] kat_food was my luxury. it was SO NICE to see her and talk with her and just hang out. i took the day off and picked her up at the airport, whisking her away to chinatown and a little cafe there where we ate and talked and had a good time. she's so beautiful, it is nice to have my memory refreshed with having her in person. there is not much to tell, since we had secret girly talks, but it was exactly what i needed, and i hope she had a good time. i think she did. chinatown is nice at night, all the lanterns lit up and the shops closed down. then it was a drive out to pasedena at night (to take her to her hotel), and the city skyline and driving up into the mountains in the dark. it was a good day.

wednesday was love day, with our sneak preview of "diary of the dead." i left my camera in the car in case it wasn't allowed, and was very disappointed when we got to the egyptian theatre and george was there in a small crowd, posing for photos with his fans. ah well.

review )

and at the end of the movie, mr. romero was interviewed by another director (you'd know who it was if i told you, but i'm drawing a blank at the moment), and while he was coked out of his mind, george was funny and real and swore like a trucker. i love that man. i love him. even with my thoughts on "diary," "night of the living dead" is one of the best and most poignant horror films ever made...if horror films can be poignant.



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