i put the peacock tapestry down for a while to work on some other projects. but now i'm back at it. i've been amazed at how LONG the border takes to do, it's so amazingly detailed and adding the beads to any given section is a whole session in itself, as i don't have a beading needle and have to re-thread the needle 3 times for every bead (there are almost 400 in the entire piece). i finally finished the southeast corner last night during my survivor/lost thursday night ritual, so that makes the entire bottom edge of the border frame. it takes roughly two sittings to do each corner and about 12 sittings to get the frame piece finished. (a sitting being about 3 hours long, or until my elbow/wrist/neck/ass starts getting sore.)

and that's a short side. i am now starting up the righthand side, which is twice as long.

it's my goal to have it done (or on its last stitches) when i come to visit in march so i can show off to the SnBers and my folks. it's a project that's taken me YEARS to complete, and i'd like to get some attention for it!!! *^_^*

but damn. if that goal is going to happen, i need to put in some serious needle time. gabe's gounna LOVE that. *rolls eyes* tttbbbbbppppt.

but it's so pretty now, guys. it was lovely before, and then i put in all the backstitching and it was like, wow. i could frame this. and THEN came all the border work with it's diamond eyelets, gold accents, and bead work, and it's like a fkn faberge egg. (i'm totally keeping the pattern for the corner blocks and adjusting the colors to make christmas ornaments.)

i feel like harper lee. i'll never do something this good again.



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