i don't like westerns. i really liked this movie. i liked how you pull for both characters. i liked the ending. i liked the acting and the browned teeth and the old west violence. alan tudyk gets all the laughs. i didn't even know he was in it until he showed up. love him.

the biggest flaw was a casting mistake. luke wilson shows up in a minor role as a mean-spirited railroader. he doesn't accomplish anything, his role is not important to the film in any way. it's just jarring to get to that point in the movie (more than halfway through) and see luke fkn wilson being dirty and mean. it throws you off because he's cast against type and below his "star" status. it's just distracting and takes you out of the movie.

other than that, four stars.
end review.

christian bale and ben foster talkback. )
friday: gabe left and it wasn't so bad. he'll be back tomorrow! siri's birfday party at the chatterbox was much fun, and included a very sweet gift from kris: stationary with which to write my boy.

saturday: drove down to my folks. jo brought the boys over and they spent most of the time in the batman slip-n-slide. they were anxious to tell me that, for halloween, noah (5) and jack (3) are going to be darth vader and a ninja respectively. they are going to be the coolest boys ever. and noah's on a toddler soccer team, the "bluegills." yet another man in my life on the soccer field. excellent. jo is doing fine, on the proper meds, and starting to love herself again. i'm so happy. mom and i went to see "lady in the water."


purpose. )

sunday: spent some time with jo, and then dinner with dad talking about my future. i will save those issues for another time, but it's always good to talk to the realist in my father. then back to the cities.


skip to the end! )

that's all i gots. here. have this.

i stole this meme from nichols. )
i finished my book for bookclub some time back and i was having trouble deciding if i should read "the tipping point" or "the eyre affair" or "the planets" next. so i asked gabe to pick one for me. he did.


there's a reason that this book won the pulitzer. but the fact that it won one of the most prestigious book awards AND is a comedy is certainly saying something. i mean, it's like a comedy winning an had better be damn good.

and this book is damn good.

ignatius reilly is quite possibly the best character i have ever seen in a book. he is slothful and disgusting, too smart for his own cynicism, and eccentric to a fault. you would slap the shit out of this boy were you to come across him in real life, but you can't help but completely identify with him and you itch to see what kind of assyness he's about to commit next. you see, he's got this VALVE.....

the author's story is a tragic one. he offed himself some time before his mother pushed hard enough to get the book published. sad for him, because he missed out on the credit (harvey pekar is rolling over in his bed), and sad for us because his style and pace is a miracle, screaming for a bigger cannon of work. his characters are glorious and individual, each written with a different cadence and voice, and, like an anime series or comic book, each of their personal quirks and faults leads them to interlocking paths like pieces of a comedy puzzle.

i know you've heard of it. i know you've seen it on the shelf and have been all like, "hmm, i've heard of that. i should read that." i know you know they've been talking about making a movie of it forever and that you think waiting for that will be easier. but there's no way a movie could successfully be made of this book. it would be a shell, a shadow, a mere usury of the book's ideas. if you've been waiting for someone you know to tell you it's a hella good book, well then. amber says, "it's a hella good book! now go brave the vagrants at the local library and pick yourself up a copy, yo! do it now! DO IT NOW!!! or. you know. whenever."
thanks for the cheering-up on guys really step up to the challenges and deliver, don'tcha? love.


animating them does not make better actors out of keanu reeves OR winona ryder. mostly winona ryder. especially winona ryder.

i fell asleep.

end review.

missed the surficants both times they played here this weekend. and i'm sorry about that. there are excuses, but i won't make them here. not yet.

had meet-n-greet for "machinal" and am pretty facking happy with the team. carin's got some great ideas, and i'm interested to see what our sound designer, katherine, has up her sleeve! katherine's house is beautiful and she, sarah and carin whipped us up a brunch-o-dreams. thanks, girls!

but that means i missed gabe's soccer final in which they beat the unbeatable team to place first in the league. damn. i would have liked to have seen that. apparently, there was a bit of a racial fight on the field and two players got sent off with red cards...just like the cup! exciting!

i hope none of you died of heat this weekend. i did.

the rakes the rakes!!!!! at the varsity!!!! in attendance: siri, kris, jess, hot sauce neal, bjorn and not enough other people! the varsity had tables! tables? tables! and stairs leading up to the stage! we danced anyway; we danced danced danced!

first song: "22 grand job," my favorite. technical issues.
in between: lots of good stuff and alan's (vocalist) geeky, wacked out dancing, and a drunk guy in a green shirt who kept butting ahead of jess and i to dance on the stairs.
last song: "22 grand job" as a do-over, which ended in drunk-guy-in-green-shirt and dancing girls, and siri and kris and jess and i rushing the stage and rocking out behind a very delighted matt (guitarist).

afterward: chatting a bit with alan and matt, both of whom signed the skull-and-crossbones cap i got in NYC and happened to be wearing that night. sweet lads. good times.

\m/ + \m/ = \mm/ (too much rock for one hand!!!!! go alan!!!)

the world was a mess but our hair was sweaty as hell.
(green shirt = drunk guy. red shirt = alan. clappy hands to far left = me. black shirt right next to me = kris.)
REVIEWS OF THE DUCHESS: sticking it to the man (rock concert).

geek. heaven.

ever been to a rock concert in a library? ever seen two geeky brothers rock an auditorium of kids and teens and adults with the combined force of love AND magic?

i thought not.

look at them!

a harry in the heart is worth two in the library

for two lit-punk geeks, these boys rock rock rock like awesome! they are all energy and hand-clapping and keyboard-jumping and audience-climbing! young harry dragged out the saxaphone to save ginny weasley from dean thomas! siri got to shout "S.P.E.W.!" into his mic! there was a four-year-old rocking out, his little fingers shaped into \m/ devil horns as taught him by some older fans! bill weasley, their drummer, was totally checking us out because we're two hot geek girls that kick some lit-punk ass! draco and the malfoys nearly killed each other with their happy evil!


if you couldn't make it, you missed out, suckas.

got me a tight black "this guitar is a horcrux" t-shirt, and this one for gabe (sadly absent)
voldemor's a ninny

too bad they didn't have any buttons for sale...but they DID have inscribed toothbrushes: "harry and the potters, fighting voldemort and tooth decay" or some such geeky thing. love. so much geeky love.


eh. it was just a movie version of the show. excuse was altman's movie version of the show. i like garrison's voice, but damn, i hate looking at that man and his froggy eyes. linsey lohan makes my blood curdle. but i actually liked her better than streep in this film, until the scene where she does her song, which felt really fake and gave me the icks. and i want to know why all the minnesotans in the movie sounded fine, but all the actors PLAYING minnesotans sounded like idiots? lily actually kept a good balance with the midwestern accent, but streep went way over the top into fargo-zone, which was completely unnecessary. i know people love kevin kline, but he only has one school of comedy that works in things like "fish called wanda," but just seems too dumb here. and wtf with tommy lee jones? his character was unneeded and underdeveloped. he was wasted in the role, which is sad, because i heart TLJ. and the ending was way too contrived. way way way. ick.

i did like lily, though. and i LOVED john c. and woody together. they were the best bits. no one seemed to like the "dangerous woman" idea, but i enjoyed it. it seemed to fit in with the sensibilities of PHC and seems very keilloresque. and yay for using the original band and employing our local talents a la sue scott and peter ostushko.

it was okay. i wouldn't have seen it had gabe not wanted to go. s'alright. i'm dragging him to "lady in the water," so he'll get his.



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