okay, so i've been a bit busy this week. laura came through and crashed all over my floor. there was much hangings out and movie watchings, show attendings, movie makings, valley fair, and the best turnout ever for my birfday. and then yesterday was full of carin's french toastings and getting back to theatre showings. here are some reviews.


it seemed to be leading up to more. this time, the parts added up to more than the sum of.

end review.


i'm mentioning this directly after revolutionary road because they are both relationship movies directed by sam mendes. and they couldn't be more polar opposite. i'm a little impressed.

as for the movie itself, the rumors are true, maya rudolph is wonderful. i'd watch it again. i was never bored. plus, i kind of want john krasinski to be my boyfriend. please.

end review.


this is not as bad as everyone says. it's not as deep as a pixar film, but it's a cute story.

end review.

REVIEWS OF THE DUCHESS: THE WEEKLY (got nothing to news theatre)

i liked the sketch about hiding out in the basement for the digital conversion chrisis, although the faint whiff of homophobia in the piece was a little sad. it wouldn't have even been noticeable if there wasn't more derogatory comments elsewhere.

tony did a fine job making people laugh.

most of the time i was just reminded of how mad the BLB makes me...none of the audience is far from the stage and yet it's always so hard to hear or see.

end review.


i'd seen ads for this and thought it might be fun. and then i noticed it was by walking shadow and i wanted to go. and then i found out zoe zoe is performing and i was there. it's a pretty simple story, but the execution is fascinating. i love that they kept the robots relatively human-but-non-human, in that they didn't overdo the robotness. it actually made the individual robots engaging to watch. i liked them more than the humans. the ending felt a little abrupt, but i don't know how they could have fixed it. and they shouldn't. it's a fun show and taking it too seriously would have killed the fun. and that would be sad.

end review.

now i'm off to get things done before i go thrifting with kris. next week starts the heavy job stuffs and a whole slew of theatrey things.

aaaaaaaaand? we find out today if i'm going to be an aunt to another boy or *hope* a girl. *fingers crossed* eeee!!!
so every once in a while i get these weird 3-day-span headaches and i can't figure out what's causing them. they usually just hover in the background and then spike when i stand up, which makes me not want to move around very much. and it makes me cranky. i am finally being smart and charting them now to see if they correspond to my cycle. not that that would be a comfort...there's not much i can do about it if it is. but at least i would be prepared. as it is, i may have to live in a warm bath tonight.

so while i'm cynical and cranky, let's catch up on some reviews.

this way.... )

the cgi was creepy. like, polar-express creepy. the "getting hit by a taxi" sequence of events was really cool, but out of place. i find it hilarious that dakota fanning's little sister was young cate, but they had to re-dub her...and the ADR was fantastically bad. i feel sorry for people who went out to see this when it opened on christmas day, because it's a bit of a downer. i want cate's red dress.

end review.

now that that's been seen, i can answer #30 with confidence.

2008 year in review )
please keep in mind that this is coming from an indiana jones fan. for example, even though harry potter and the chamber of secrets was shit, i still love it on principle.


abandon all hope.... )

i am iron man.

no!  _I_ am iron man!!!

_I_ am
    _I_ am iron man
          _I_ am iron
...    iron man

i  <3 iron man.

review = awesome.

i don't care if the man is dead and therefore deserves respect.  timohy treadwell was a crazy SOB that got exactly what he was looking for.

i have to admit that i laughed quite a bit though this doc.  from werner's crazy accent, to tim's christopher quest-type docudelivery, to the wacked personalities that inhabit this film...if you didn't know the events of this film were real, it would be VERY easy to take it as a mockumentary.  i mean...this is the kind of documentary that mockus base themselves on.

yeah, i'm sorry someone had to die in that awful way.  but let's say he didn't.  let's take that reverence away.  if i had ever met this person or seen the "film" he was making, i'd say he was a crazy, desperate man that couldn't find understanding in the human world so he believed bears were his friends.  nobody needed him in the human world, so he made himself the savior of bears...forgetting that bears have taken care of themselves for a long time before he came around.

sad.  call me heartless.  go ahead.  all i'm saying is...the fire is pretty.  but you shouldn't BATHE in it.


dear jason segel.
i have been an admirer of yours since "freaks and geeks" and "undeclared." it's good to see you working again; even better that you're doing your own material.

i understand that, by showing your penis 4 times during the early break-up scene, you got some good publicity. and probably more people turned out for opening weekend because of it.

however. while the middle-aged couple in front of me cackled wildly out of delight and discomfort at each flash-o-dick, i found the off-camera slap-slap-slap of your privates hitting your legs as you did the penis dance to be more genuinely funny. sometimes, when we are not allowed to see--but know what's going on with--another person's genitals, it is marginally more amusing.

just a thought.

but hey. you got butts in seats, and i can't blame you for that. show 'em what they want early, and then they can concentrate on even better stuff for the rest of the film. well done.

i haven't enjoyed a movie of this genre so much since "40 year-old virgin." thanks.


end review.

i'd been waiting for this one for about two years now.

you've heard the tales; choral group. average age: 80. sing: rock, punk, funk, blues.

videos include: the ramones' "i wanna be sedated," david bowie's "golden years," BGs' "stayin' alive," and talking heads' "road to nowhere." they take on some deeper meaning when sung by a bunch of twilighters. and those don't count the songs they cover in the concert.

i laughed. i cried. i cheered. my faith in the human spirit was restored. not even a bit of irony there. favorite documentary of the year.


kids in war-torn northern uganda relate their experience with abduction, being orphaned, and forced to both watch and administer death. their refugee camp gets the opportunity to go to kambala city to compete in singing, composition, and traditional dance against the country's best schools.

it's hard to believe that kids have to grow up in these kinds of conditions. it's even harder to believe that they can live with as much pain and joy that they do.

i've yet to see "taxi to the dark side," but i wish this one had won the oscar.

mia's character says it best: "here's to movies with heart!"

it's pretty ridiculous, and feels a bit contrived here and there. but, thanks to our boy michel gondry, the movies they make are inventive and whimsical and amazing. (there's actually a site you can go to to watch the actual movies made in the movie, but i'm not telling you what it is. they give out the website during the credits, and it's probably better to see the film first.) it's a sweet little piece. comfortably this side of being over the top, on all accounts.

i love mos def. can i just say that i love that he completely reinvents himself every time he takes a role? and it's just subtle changes, but he's a fun character actor. he and jack black are fun together.

there is some goofy logic that happens here and there in the film, but if you just roll with it, it's a gondry goodie.

it's cute, but quiet. basically, it's the story of an egyptian police orchestra that comes to israel to play a concert at an arab cultural center. they get on the wrong bus and stay the night with some locals in a small town.

that's about it. you get to hear some people of different cultures connecting and devulging some backstories, each of them needing in some way to reach out to the other group.

there's the stiff band leader who goes out on the town with his host: a tough-as-nails free-spirit woman who's a restruant owner (the main,sad storyline); the ladies' man who teaches an israeli youth how to make the first move on a girl (the funny story line, and my favorite); the leftover group who share an uncomfortable evening with an unemployed, lonely man and his disapproving wife (it's her birthday)(the uncomfortable storyline); and the local who waits by the town's public phone for his girlfriend to call (the random/crazy storyline).

that's it. that's the whole movie. but it is pretty endearing, and shot in a simple way. i appreciate that they kept english subtitles up throughout. there was some israeli and egyptian spoken, but to meet in the middle, they speak english. however, the accents are different, and, bobbing back and forth, it was sometimes helpful to have the written words there.

i wouldn't rush out to see it, but it's worth sticking on your cue for someday.
so on friday, gabe and i tried to get into hollywood to see a screening of the original "texas chainsaw massacre" with live commentary by the director. but we ended up having plans with a friend.

then, yesterday, the same theatre was showing "the seven voyages of sinbad" with live commentary by ray harryhausen. ray! harryhausen! you know, the claymation master behind "sinbad" and "jason and the argonauts" and "clash of the titans?" i had no idea the man was still alive!

well, by the time we got there, it was sold out. but ray was across the street at a bookstore for a signing before the movie. and we got to see him there. didn't get to meet him, as he was making some purchases and rushing out to the theatre. he's very old. lots of liver spots. slow walker. but very tall. the little bookstore was covered in his artwork, and he seemed pleased about that.

so we came home and watched "sicko" instead.


michael moore does it again. and it's horrifying. he takes a look at universal health care and compares it to our own. the quality and coverage of our healthcare ranks #66 in the world...right above slovenia. we have shorter life-expectancy and higher infant death rates than any country in the western world.

in france, you work 35 hours a week, get 5 weeks of paid vacation minimum--one more for honeymoons, a day for moving, and as much time as you need for birthing and cancer recovery, all paid. and healthcare is FREE. they interview a girl in canada who basically says, "you hear about how much they have to pay in america and it's really hard to imagine or comprehend because i've never had to pay for medical care. i don't have any idea what that's like."

there's several stories of people who die because of insurance declines or issues, and those who go bankrupt and have to live in their kid's basements just because they got sick and lost their homes. he takes three 9/11 rescue workers to cuba for treatment--and they are treated, free--because insurance in our country won't cover them.

and, once you're really sick, the insurance companies will find any and every reason NOT to cover you, or demand back anything that they've paid for you.

what the fuck is wrong with our country?

if i ever get really sick, i'm moving to france. or england. or canada. or cuba. anywhere but here, where they put you in a taxi and dump you on the sidewalk outside of a free clinic if you can't pay your medical bills. jesus.

anyway. michael's made yet another film that should be required watching for american voters. god. so horrifying. so sad. so fucked. up.
today is my jewelry day. i'm wearing some pretty rhinestone hairpins that my mom gave me for christmas, the necklace my friend sharon made for me in korea with the glass beads i bought in japan, and my patina bracelet--that which i bought as a present to myself when i needed it most and only wear on jewelry day or grand occasions, because it is pretty and dainty and fine, and full of pink/purple/lemon/lime rhinestones that would break my heart if any of them were to fall out due to daily wear.

that reminds me, i promised [livejournal.com profile] bardhorse last year that i would post a picutre of the bracelet and i never did. well. i have a camera now, so i will.

yesterday was luxury day, and [livejournal.com profile] kat_food was my luxury. it was SO NICE to see her and talk with her and just hang out. i took the day off and picked her up at the airport, whisking her away to chinatown and a little cafe there where we ate and talked and had a good time. she's so beautiful, it is nice to have my memory refreshed with having her in person. there is not much to tell, since we had secret girly talks, but it was exactly what i needed, and i hope she had a good time. i think she did. chinatown is nice at night, all the lanterns lit up and the shops closed down. then it was a drive out to pasedena at night (to take her to her hotel), and the city skyline and driving up into the mountains in the dark. it was a good day.

wednesday was love day, with our sneak preview of "diary of the dead." i left my camera in the car in case it wasn't allowed, and was very disappointed when we got to the egyptian theatre and george was there in a small crowd, posing for photos with his fans. ah well.

review )

and at the end of the movie, mr. romero was interviewed by another director (you'd know who it was if i told you, but i'm drawing a blank at the moment), and while he was coked out of his mind, george was funny and real and swore like a trucker. i love that man. i love him. even with my thoughts on "diary," "night of the living dead" is one of the best and most poignant horror films ever made...if horror films can be poignant.
netflix's decision to go unlimited with streaming video has been both a delight and a suck of time in our household. we've got the computer hooked up to the tv as second screen, so it seems all we do is watch stuff we've already seen. this week alone, i finally made gabe watch "the king and i," and he has brought forth "just one of the guys," "little shop of horrors," and "vertigo."

last night, i watched "bush's brain," which made me believe that karl rove is this generation's anti-christ.

and i finally got to see "palindromes," which is neither todd solondz's best nor most controversial. (i did enjoy that that the plot was a palindrome itself. clever.)

i would also like to confess that we rented "son in law" from netflix. aren't you jealous? how long has it been since you've seen pauly shore's best film? he's the we-ee-zal!!

okay. what else?

the savages, eagle vs. shark, millenium actress )
okay, i'm feeling better. went back into work on friday--though i shouldn't have--and am currently in the draining period. i'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was a big nasty virus that raped my health and it will take some time to fully heal. i'm considering finding a nice therapy group to talk to....

but. i just got my new 2008 planner all set up and went over 2007. it's time to do a quick entertainment review:

2007 )
hey! they're making a "sin city 2"! AND a "sin city 3"! AAAAAND... johnny depp's rumored to be in both! fun!

and tim burton's making a film version of "alice in wonderland!!!" joy!! (no word yet if this is going to be stop-motion or not.)

for "lost" fans: a video game is due out next year.

the real story of "mulan" is rumored to be out next year, starring zhang ziyi and michelle yeoh.

the boy that they got to play tom riddle (age 11) for "half-blood prince" is ralph fiennes' nephew.

and since i'm talking movies:


snore. it's "cider house rules" without the abortion issue. and you can imagine how interesting THAT is. and they took the ending from "waking ned devine" and made it cheesier.

the only one i recommend this to is kat, because daniel gets his manhood on with a girl.

end review.


i have a confession to make: gabe wanted to see this too. but since i'm a little upset with his lack of communication over the christmas holidays and didn't want to pout about it, i made it my act of revenge to watch this and return it before he got back. pppppbbbbt.

i'm surpised that they were able to come up with something huge enough to turn into a movie, yet keep the regular storyline format. and i'm VERY impressed that so many characters got cameos without feeling like they were cameos for we're-making-a-movie-gotta-give-everyone-due effect. *coughranmacough* but then, they're able to pull it off in their episodes too, so it didn't feel too different.

i really liked it.

end review.


we were trying to remember what else hugo weaving had done other than LOTR and the matrix sagas. i'm impressed that he took a role where he never shows his face. i mean, how do you get an actor to sign on for that? "you're going to be one of the main characters, but your face will never be seen. in fact, we can pretty much just stick anyone in your place and dub you over if you piss us off."

there were things i really liked about it and things that bored me. i couldn't bring myself to watch the making of, because i didn't need ten minutes of natalie portman talking about shaving her head or more parallels between the violence and the london subway bombings. and that's odd, i usually watch all the extras i can. i liked it, but not that much, i guess.

end review.

no, i hadn't seen it yet. i'm not a big fan of film noir, really, but i liked it quite a lot, actually. and gabe has the collector's set, so you can also watch the extended edition, or you can watch the movie without the effects (all green-screen), or you can watch the four stories seperately, in the order of the comics. there's also a crapload of commentary, and it comes with the graphic novellization of "the long hard goodbye." nice.

quentin's guest directed segment was my favorite, with benicio in the car, and elija wood's character was just plain creepy.

end review.


no, i hadn't seen this one yet either. (i'm using the alone time to catch up on a few of gabe's dvds.)

most people say that this movie will make you want to kill yourself. but really, when it comes to movies where the main characters are addicts, i truly have no sympathy for them and believe they deserve what they get themselves into. yes, it's sad, and yes it's tragic, and yes, it's a beautiful, beautiful film. the only person i really felt for was the mother because her addiction was under the authority of a doctor that she had reason to trust, and her sadness and longing for the old days was heartbreaking. but the two kids? fk 'em.

end review.


i really thought they did a nice theatrical version of this. there were a couple of songs i really miss, like the meatier bits of "god, that's good." mostly "the ballad of sweeny todd," the omission of which makes the ending very abrupt. but i like that it comes to a tragic climax and then drops you off a cliff without thought to the world going on. in fact, i hadn't listened to the soundtrack in so long, that i completely forgot about the old woman. it's too bad that they cut her out from the beginning of the film, because that would lend a bit more weight to her character's situation.

anyhow. up to its release, i bemoaned the choice of johnny for benjamin barker, being that he is not the barritone that len cariou was. however. the whole transformation into a hell-dwelling revenge psycho was pretty enthralling. most noticably during his ballad-ridden murder sequence and "by the sea." lovely. well done, johnny, for winning me over.

huge surreal points for alan rickman singing. i realize i've never heard him sing, and i was waiting for it. once it came, i was like, that's it? not that his voice is bad, it was just....less singing than i wanted. and it seemed so natural for him and i had been prepared for a shock. <3

the actress they got to play joanna had a lovely voice. "linnet bird" is one of my favorites.

the blood was fun. i like that they kept the blood really tomato-y.

and review.

as you can see, i filled my christmas with joy and DEATH.
i had to go to westfield shopping mall to return some wrapping paper that i spent too much money on. you know the kind...where you're in a fancy mall and all the paper in all the shops averages around $8 and it's been years since you've bought wrapping paper and you're in a new place and you assume that's what it costs and then you go to CVS and find it there for like 3 bucks? yeah. that fancy-ass shit's going back to the uppetty store it came from.

so it's an outdoor mall and they have snowflake light displays on the walls of bloomington's and play christmas music and mall radio. while i was walking around, looking for papyrus, i heard a promo spot for "juno." the tag line was: "juno. a charming and cynical movie about hope." what??? wtf does that mean? i mean...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? they just threw a bunch of concepts in a bowl and hoped nobody noticed that it doesn't mean anything. that's it. it's all been said. there's no more creative advertising. we must just cut and paste and hope it sounds good. nobody's actively listening anymore anyway, why not just throw some words at their ears and hope it sinks through the ooze to their subconscious. charming!!! cynical!!! hope!!! hey dear, wanna go see "juno?" yeah, it sounds funny. it's so indie and hip! have you seen the trailer? no, but i heard it was really cynical and charming. really? i kind of got the feeling that it was some kind of hopeful, feel-good thing. well. let's go find out!!! yay!!! *skips to the movie theatre hand in hand*


still looking for papyrus, i passed the gap. and then i passed it again. and then i passed it again. no, there are not three gaps. but there is a HUGE poster of john krasinski in the window wearing one of their adorable scarves. now THAT's good advertising. there's nothing like john krasinski to make me want to buy that scarf for my own boyfriend. who, at times, reminds me of john krasinski. or, rather, john krasinski at times reminds me of my boyfriend. it's probably the hair and goofiness and geekiness and goodness. and the hair. mostly the hair. gabe and john krasinski have good, brown, wavy boy hair. which is why gabe is my #1-through-end on my real boy list, and john krasinski is #2 on my list of five. (alex kapranos still holding at #1!) yep. that's the only reason. boy hair.

after an embarrassing amount of time spent passing the john krasinski poster and after some more time giving up feeling embarrassed and just flat out standing and staring, i wiped off the drool and went into papyrus, which--as you can tell by the name--is a paper-goods store. a FANCY paper goods store oooo! they sell journals and stationary and writery goods and fancy bookmaking papers. i thought they might have a bone folder. i don't expect you to know what a bone folder is unless you're steph and/or into bookbinding. but i DO expect the people at papyrus to know what a bone folder is. i think you can guess if they did or didn't....okay i'll tell you, THEY DIDN'T. paper store, one of the most basic and fundamental bookbinding tools...yeah. ppppppbbt *thumbs down*

so it was one more pass past my boyfriend...er...john krasinski...er...the gap, and then home to movies.


i liked the original better. it was too stagy, the plot was stuffed into songs like travolta stuffed into a dress. i don't want to see queen latifa get type-cast in these mamma-of-the musical roles (but i suppose it's better than that taxi movie crap). johnny t and chris walken were creepily uncomfortable together. i wonder if they had on-set chats about "pulp fiction."

end review.


not perfect, but. amazingly charming. and quirky in a friendly way, not the artistic way that the current quirk directors are trying to stuff in us like travolta in a dress. adrienne shelly did a wonderful job in all three posts: writer, director, actress. it tears my heart in pieces that she was killed before it was screened at cannes, because she definitely had her own unique voice and i would have like to watch her evolve it. loved it. nathan fillion, welcome back to my list of five.

end review.

baby don't you cry
gounna make a pie
gounna make a pie with a heart in the middle.

baby don't be blue
gounna make for you
gounna make a pie with a heart in the middle.

gounna make a pie from heaven above
gounna fill it up with strawberry love.

baby don't you cry
gounna make a pie
and hold you forever in the middle of my heart.

1. the girl they got to play lyra is spot on. spot. on.

2. the daemons are fun, but they pronounce the word as "demon," which i found weird. and wrong.

3. iorek is the best character in the movie.

4. i was totally right: the movie is miles beyond the book as far as keeping my interest. the design is pretty and the acting and direction are good. the fight scenes are shot in that popular "you really can't tell what's going on here" way (annoying), and the script is awful, but it's fun to watch. the way they handled the functioning of the aeltheometer was pretty crafty.

5. the ending was kind of awkward. but it is in the book too. i mean, they didn't set you up for the sequels in LOTR, but that's a well-known trilogy. i'm not certain that some of the audience would know this one's supposed to continue and for them the ending would be weird and confusing.

6. okay. let's talk about kate bush. i'm not a fan of her music, but generally i don't have anything against her either. she's just one of those artsy songwriters that i'm just not into, like tori amos or ani difranco.


her song that starts the ending credits is UNFORGIVABLE. i hate her now. and it pretty much ruined the movie for me. that's saying alot. we got to the end and i was surprised how not-awful the movie was, ready to give it my endorsement, when "lyra" started and i became so embarrassed to be sitting in that seat. it's unpleasing enough, being that it's kate, but the lyrics sound like they were written by a really troubled and untalented middle-school student.

gabe and i were rolling in our seats because it literally sounds like a falsetto-song he would make up to make me laugh. really. like, whenever we watch "planet earth" and the opening sequence shows the sun coming from around the planet and the orchestral score swells, gabe will get all stupid-opera and sing, "pla-a-anet earth, it's planet earth, it's beautiful and it's a planet and it's planet earth..." that's what kate's song was like. i believe the lyrics went something like:

Lyra and her face
Full of grace
Two worlds collide around her
The truth lies deep inside her
Lyra and her soul

it was basically like the filmmaker walked up to kate bush and asked her to write a song for the movie but she couldn't be bothered to read the script or the book so she just asked someone what it was about and daydreamed through the entire explanation and was then too embarrassed to ask them to repeat it. awful. unforgivable. embarrassing. ruins the movie. just took any respect for her (and i had some) and threw it right in the poop hole with tom cruise and yanni and pork.

unbelievably bad.

to sum up: skip the book and see the movie, but run like fire to the door the minute the credits start.
facebook is maddening. for a newcomer, it's the most assy site to navigate ever. there's just too much information and clicking on anything takes you to sites where you're completely disoriented again. i'm sure this will get better as i use it more, but damn. newcomers are just sent in to sink or swim, aren't they? and i'm thankful that i have so many friends, but y'all jumped on me at once and i had to run away screaming for a while.

on the upside, i found a few people that i'd lost contact with. that was really nice. but i think lj will continue to be where i live. facebook will have to be a good visit.


*sigh* the hype killed it. this is a nice little quirky movie, but it has a lot of flaws. none of the characters seem to get any proper development and, thought it's been heralded for its stylized dialogue...it gets really overwhelming and ridiculous really fast.

my summed up report is: juno is an indie film for conservative people who've never really seen an indie and think this is what they're like.

i mean, diablo cody was found by her blog...some agent out here thought she had a really distinct voice and thought a script from her would be the new voice. well guess what. that's the voice of 30-somethings in minnesota (where she's from and where the movie takes place). no, not everyone in my group of friends speaks like this all the time, but it's not new and it's not always funny. i guess i just expected so much more.

that being said, i really liked jennifer garner in this film and i don't generally like her. her character wasn't really given enough struggle for her payoff to hit too hard in the end, but she did really well with what she was given, and i liked that.

end review.

excellent. everyone was doubting this one on hearing the premise, but hoping it would be brilliant based on the judgment of the ever-mighty ryan gosling. and let me tell you...the gosling does not make bad decisions.

strong female characters for once. real live sentiment. the ability to be both tickling and sad at the same time. although a reason for his actions is alluded to, it is never really explained, nor do you feel the need for it.

it is as it is, and it is lovely.

the only thing i didn't like: small rant )

but really. go and see it. after "once," it is the most touching story i have seen this year.

some more short reviews. )



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