i promise you, no spoilers.


i. love. m. night.

i think he's one of the most brilliant filmmaker on the market today. his camera work is impeccable, he sets up tension and eerieness like no other, he's not ashamed to work hand in hand with his composer for the desired effect, he casts the right people in the appropriate roles (young ms. howard is...simply...perfect...flawless...phenomenal), and his subtlety is to die for. he's not afraid to make a movie on his own terms, fuck all to fanciness and foppery, and return to a simple story-telling that most people have forgotton. not only that, he allows you to to see and enjoy his films at least twice, both times with completely different expectations: once for the twist, and then again to watch while knowing what you know. but he has one major flaw.

his marketing stinks.

midnight found me sitting in a movie theatre whith the biggest crowd of american idiots known to man. and what else could i expect? it's marketed as a horror film. when do people want to be scared? at midnight. my own damn fault. what happened was a lot of vocal jeering and laughter that made my heart weep for the stupid people. none of them got it, and come election day i weep again.

"the villiage" is not horror. neither was "signs" or "sixth sense". why do people have to categorize everything? if nothing else, it's suspense, get it right. and to a public which is raised on special effects and gruesome, impersonal death, this movie will not meet expectaions. m. night is the cinematic equivalent of high literature...you have to read between the lines. he presents you with a story, yes, but there is an underlying message that the american public is too retarded to glean.

what did people want with "sixth sense?" ghosts. they got them, but missed the theme of Forgivness. m. night thought he had found an audience, people who would understand his art, and gave us "unbreakable." it bombed. why? comic books are nerdy. but no one caught his real story about Balance and Cosmic Responsibility. and "signs?" how i cry when people describe this most cinematically perfect movie as a disappointing alien film, choosing to do it the hard way, and missing the simplicity that was Faith. and it's going to happen to him again...talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.

don't go to "the villiage" expecting the creatures to be phenomenal and horrifying. they're not. and the twist? more predictable than most of his stuff. but. fuck the creatures. fuck the twist. close in on his theme of Leadership, and you will get the real film m. night was trying to present. one hint i will give, the film is topical, and the color scheme important to the parallel he makes.

long live m. night. may his career be long and may he be admired and understood by a future generation, because he's getting the shaft from this one.



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