it's been a great erzulia. and since gabe is out of the apartment, i can do my clay mask and manicure stuffs without his ridicule for my day of beauty.

hope you enjoyed your week of love. here's my final erzulia gift to you.

i love you! )
today is my jewelry day. i'm wearing some pretty rhinestone hairpins that my mom gave me for christmas, the necklace my friend sharon made for me in korea with the glass beads i bought in japan, and my patina bracelet--that which i bought as a present to myself when i needed it most and only wear on jewelry day or grand occasions, because it is pretty and dainty and fine, and full of pink/purple/lemon/lime rhinestones that would break my heart if any of them were to fall out due to daily wear.

that reminds me, i promised [ profile] bardhorse last year that i would post a picutre of the bracelet and i never did. well. i have a camera now, so i will.

yesterday was luxury day, and [ profile] kat_food was my luxury. it was SO NICE to see her and talk with her and just hang out. i took the day off and picked her up at the airport, whisking her away to chinatown and a little cafe there where we ate and talked and had a good time. she's so beautiful, it is nice to have my memory refreshed with having her in person. there is not much to tell, since we had secret girly talks, but it was exactly what i needed, and i hope she had a good time. i think she did. chinatown is nice at night, all the lanterns lit up and the shops closed down. then it was a drive out to pasedena at night (to take her to her hotel), and the city skyline and driving up into the mountains in the dark. it was a good day.

wednesday was love day, with our sneak preview of "diary of the dead." i left my camera in the car in case it wasn't allowed, and was very disappointed when we got to the egyptian theatre and george was there in a small crowd, posing for photos with his fans. ah well.

review )

and at the end of the movie, mr. romero was interviewed by another director (you'd know who it was if i told you, but i'm drawing a blank at the moment), and while he was coked out of his mind, george was funny and real and swore like a trucker. i love that man. i love him. even with my thoughts on "diary," "night of the living dead" is one of the best and most poignant horror films ever made...if horror films can be poignant.
today will be my day of love, and i'm going to spill it all over mr. romero and his zombies tonight.

hey guess what.

you may need to be a girl to understand this; i don't know what goes on in the boy's bathroom. but you know those seat protectors? those paper things that are available in every public restroom but are never used? (who here uses them on a daily basis. hands up, you liars.) well, they use them here.

it's odd. in minnesota i used to look at the protector dispensers and wonder why anyone would feel the need to use them. i mean, sure, if there was a messy bessy before you... but toilets in the midwest are generally pristine (at least by L.A. standards). you see the protectors in most stalls and they just kind of escape notice.

but here... i mean, i work at a swanky place in century city. everyone here looks like they roll around in an armani pit and even the cleaning ladies wear blouses and heels. the bathrooms are marble and tile and have a wide range of personal products available in little tinkly bottles on the counter.

and every time i'm in there and someone comes in for business, sho nuff there's the crinkle of paper as a protector is whipped from its dispenser and situated on the seat, tounge settling into the bowl.

there are plenty of places i have felt the need to use them here. malls mostly. not so much at the theatres. but always at the beach--my god, the beach. public toilets here are nast. ay. but the legal department? really?

(perhaps this is just a stuffy century city thing. i mean, they ARE wasteful here. maybe they just see paper and their little blinkers go "destroy. destroy. pee on it." i've witnessed these people throw trash in the recycle bins and use a bag of styrofoam cups a day. for every electronic document, they print out three paper copies. and omg only PLASTIC bags at the grocery store!!!! *stops* you know what? we shouldn't even get started on the green issue, or the bashing on L.A. is going to get bonkers on my part.)

seat protectors are just such a funny thing to me. like ties or clothes on pets. why do they exist? we should just have floor toilets. not only is it better for your colon to position yourself in a squat rather than sitting on a hole, but you can flush the toilet with your feet and avoid touching the mechanism altogether. and, of course, alleviate the false need for dainty papers under our fat asses.
just bouncing through my "dance" day, thanks.

did anyone else know there's a star wars film out this summer?

it's animated. it's clone wars. and my favorite jedi-chick, general shaak-ti is pictured. wind me up and watch me geek.
it's that time kids!!!! for six days, erzulie ge-rouge will get a break from her tears!!!! let the private celebration begin!

today's my day of flowers (i'm picking some up on the way home)!!!! which aspect are you celebrating today????

ERZULIA: a full explaination to those coming late in the game... )

the fun begins today, my lovely little bitches. happy erzulia!
heading into love day...appropriate for valentines. happy valentines for all you who celebrate.

peta valentines designed by FF

and for all who celebrate erzulia, happy day two.

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HAPPY ERZULIA!!!!  so begins day one.  have you picked your aspect of the day?


if you've forgotten:








(if the lalas would like to coincide this friday-saturday when they visit, let me know.  i was thinking of doing luxury on saturday and us going out for a nice meal.)


today is my "jewlery day." i am not in love with the concept of jewlery....but i form attachments to certain pieces.  who doesn't?


 i have this bracelet i bought at patina boutique and it's the lovliest thing ever, all pink and green austrian was expensive, but i got this quiet love for it the moment i saw it, and that's not a usual thing for me and jewlery.  the day i bought it was an interesting day...i had never really treated myself to something private like that before.  (i like to spend my money on books and movies and cds...jewlery usually seems a waste.)  i rarely wear it though because, if you know autrian chrystal jewlery, you know the chrystals tend to fall out easily if worn on a daily basis.  so it's a rare and loved piece for me...special occasion only.


that's why i'm wearing it today.  and every time i look at it, i am reminded what odd and specific tastes i have.  i usually forbid anyone to buy for me because its so rare i like the jewlery you find these days.  (i buy artist pieces and generally wear them for years because i'm not constantly buying new.)  the only exception being my folks who give my sister and i a matching ring or necklace every year for christmas.  i'm rarely disappointed with their simple but pretty choices and it's nice to have a stash of very nice pieces, should i ever be girly enough to care too much.


the second half of my celebration comes after work when i walk over to patina again and find some new earings.  i've been wearing these forever and the time has come.  the bracelet was years's time i was nice to myself again....




completely off the subject of jewlery and erzulia.....i put my ipod on random this morning and was giddily surprised what fat shatner had in store for me.  and i'm telling you....nothing puts a smile on your face like an unexpected appearance of the jimmy pop mix of "hash pipe."  weezer makes good electronica if you know how to do it right.  big grin all the way to work.  i recommend.



happy erzulia!!!
if you're able to shove your finger in your nose, then you know that next week is valentine's. this is a holiday based on a historical saint, made for a singluar purpose, and then bastardized and commercialized to the point of high annoyance.

i feel like the jew at the christmas party...for the third time running. and i could be bitter. i could don my blacks and go grouch through my day. but it's been done. and it's a lie, because i like love as much as everyone else, why deny it? it doesn't lessen the sting. it's just too much energy wasted.

what's a duchess to do?

take a page from the jews, that's what. what did the jews do when they found that christmas wasn't for them? why, they made their own holiday! a better holiday! one that invited rather than singled out! one that was difficult to say! one that incorporated much more free will and good thought and, like the jews, more days!

ever the resourceful one, i got my ass online and went into a research frenzy. every holiday needs a mythic basis, i mean, christmas has that god guy, and fourth of july has some fun myth about a dude in a wig and a boat, and martin luther king jr had a dream....

enter erzulie ge-rouge, a vodun loa.


ERZULIA FOR THE MASSESS!!....or just you. )

it's just an idea. use it or don't. i made it, and i'm sharing it, and i'm hoping it brings joy to someone...even if it's just in reading the idea. i'm just sick of getting shut out once a year. sick of fighting off feelings of worthlessness and wondering what's wrong with me. that's such nonsense and a useless waste of my energies, i can't believe i would allow society to make me think of myself that way! i'd rather pour it into something that will make me happy on a whole different level.

it's a distraciton, yeah. but it's my little secret as well, and that's awesome. while all the sheep are going through the motions and forcing themselves to express/repress, i will be having my own little festival of life and love, knowing in full what has inspired it and making it that much more meaningful.

if you can't beat 'em.....go start your own game.

the fun begins monday, my lovely little bitches.

happy erzulia.



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