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this is funny to me because sarah is reading through the harry potter series and watching each film as she finishes a book. the other night it was chamber of secrets. and i refused to be in the living room for the end of that film. i mean, if i'm prepared, i can sit down and enjoy that. but the ending to that film is the very worst of the series. it makes no sense and it's treaclecity. blarf.

in fact, i'm underwhelmed by most of the endings to the harry potter films (other than POA and OOTP). i try to be of the mind that the books are the books and the movies are the movies. i understand why changes must be made. but i will never forgive david yates and steve knowles for destroying the burrow. i hate the extraction of peeves. dumbledore wouldn't attack harry like he does in goblet of fire, nor would he enter the dorms as he does. "really terrible loss?" fk that. don't explain slytherin's ring before you die or anything. and how about a damn funeral? OR A BATTLE AT THE END OF HBP?


at the same time, i can appreciate some deviations if they further characters or storylines. substituting glorfindel for arwen at the river was inspired, and adding more story between her and aragorn was lovely. also? baz slightly changed the sequence of events at the end of R+J and i was surprised that someone could improve upon the shakespeare and make it even more tragic. and have you ever READ shawshank redemption? SNORE. that movie is a blessing.



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