last night was the happiest night in L.A. as we rounded the corner downtown and saw the nokia theatre all lit up for the bjork concert. the entire building is wrapped in an LCD screen that would continuously show bjork's eyes and then an animated sequence showing "bjork" "tonight" in letters twice as tall as myself. there were six ques to get in, and each were moving slowly past the metal detectors. gabe handed me my ticket--a mistake, since now i could see how much he paid for them. let's just say that each ticket was almost twice my top limit for concert tickets...and he bought two.

but it was completely worth it, as we had really good seats. the nokia theatre is HUGE, but every seat has awesome sightlines. we were about 32 rows back, which is about halfway, not counting the two balcony tiers.

bjork had been on gabe's list of artists he'd like to see live for a long time and i asked him if he was ready for a really good show. i don't think he really understood the spectacle he was gounna get until it hit.

BJORK IN CONCERT, the longest report ever. )

after the show let out, we were swept up in the crowd returning to their cars, and who should be standing right next to us as we waited on a street corner for the light to change? sandra oh. right next to gabe. did i see her? of course not. i was replaying the concert in my head, completely blinded by icelandic goodness. but gabe (and our companions) mentioned it once she went in another direction. i was not disappointed...i'd already had an amazing night. who cares for "grey's anatomy" when you have just seen bjork live?
gabe gave me my christmas present today!!! tickets to see bjork in concert next wednesday night!!! the last time i saw her live was 10 years ago! i'm so excited! you can tell, because i'm using a lot of exclamation points!



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