5 THINGS: new favorite things.

1. the walking dead on AMC.
well, first of all, bitches, it's about zombies. you really can't go wrong in my book with zombies. i have to admit that i've complained at least once an episode about the depiction of this particular batch of biters, most notably their speed and their want to pick up things around them. (why did that little girl pick up the teddy bear? i call bullshit on them smashing windows with rocks or turning doorknobs.) but mostly, my complaints are squashed down by the fact that there is a show. on the tv. about zombies. and that it got renewed for a second season after two episodes aired. this is a fabulous thing.

2. denying myself harry potter spoilers.
i mean, i KNOW what happens in deathly hallows. i'm reading it for the 4th time. but the books are done now, and the movies are almost finished. soon there will be nothing more for my fandom needs. so i'm trying to savor everything and draw it out, including the visual interpretation of the movies and the theme park. sarah and i haven't even planned our way around the park yet, because that means going to the website, and the website is WAY spoilery. no way, man. i already know too much.

3. eos!
those of you who spend enough time around me know how addicted i am to lip balm. i found this stuff at target and i'm kind of crapping my pants over it. not only is it organic, but it's a happy medium between the waxiness of burt's bees and the slipperyness of softlips. and it lasts forever. not only in the bulb, but between applications. the only flavor they had at bullseye was the summer fruit, and it's okay, but i'm seriously thinking of springing for the holiday pack: sweet mint, honeydew, and pomegranate raspberry. ... nevermind. i just did.

4. texting
i just put texting on my phone like a month ago, and i love it. i don't really use it that often because, like with everything else, i'm just afraid that i'm bothering people if i initiate a chat. but still. it has come in use and been amusing so far. how did i go without this for so long?

5. this dude and his leather filigree masks
they are pretty. that is all.
my dad is officially in town. (he's at the uncle's, i'll see him friday night.)
i got up early to dye my hair today. (and it turned out fine.)
i get to wipe my hard drive tonight. (i've never done that before.)
gabe's picking up umamiburger for din dins. (heavenly truffle burger in my tummy.)
i think everything's going to fit in my car. (if i believe it, i can make it happen.)
these were all taken last night at my apartment. enjoy.

yays. )
from the parkbench:  here's a story about monkeys using their own brainwaves to move a robot arm like their own.
i can't believe i've lived to see this day.

from [profile] king_duncana catbus for sale on craigslist.
i want to meet this person, because they're probably really scary.

from a troll on one of my communities:  a socially retarded chem 201 student's exam.
very sophomoric.  doh!

it's coming to DS....guitar hero: on tour.
looks simutaneously retarded and entertaining.

here's a site that only makes firearms....for lego people.
1. he passed his thesis.

2. he made tacos yesterday.

3. he plays with rico when i don't have time.

4. he waits for me to get home to play ico so i can watch. it's a fascinating game.

5. our 2-year anniversary is tuesday, and he was really excited to give me a present early. at first i was scared because i thought it was a bracelet, and i don't like it when people buy me jewelry.

but it wasn't. it was a watch. a swatch watch.

what's more...it's called "squirrel time."


who doubts that this one loves me? who doubts it! look at that! eeeeee!!!!

i guess i'm not that hard to figure out. i mean, swatch + fat cartoon squirrels...duh.
1. last night, the air smelled like feet. at first i thought it was the person sitting ahead of me on the bus. then i realized i only smelled it when the air came on. then, i got off the bus, and walking home, i noticed a faint whiff of feet on the breeze. gabe said there's a lot of people in this city and that means there's a lot of garbage. i said, it doesn't smell like garbage, it smells like feet. he said, garbage can smell like feet. but i made him talketh to the hand, for lo, i knows whats i doth smells and the smells waz feets.

2. i saw a moving van with the company's name painted on it. it was called "starving students movers" and i thought, that's nice that there's a moving company specifically for college students. and then, in small letters i noticed that it also said, "the moving company with the funny name, since 1973." and i--close enough to remember what being a 'starving student' feels like--thought, that's really not funny. even if it's the students doing the moving for money. "funny" = the wrong adjective.

3. people here wear L.A. clothing...you know. clothing with "los angeles" or simply "LA" barfed all over it. i realize that this isn't strange for any town. but they wear it to excess, and it made me think that this city is a destination even for its citizens...like they're all in a constant state of tourist-residency.

4. i think people shit on the lawns here. early in the morning when i'm walking to the bus stop, the lawns all lit up with dew, i notice that there's a lot of crap around. literally. either people in L.A. 1) don't clean up after their dogs, b) let their dogs run loose (which is a possibility, as i watched a lab run through a yard this morning and leave a steaming pile), or 3) the nighttime denizens who leave their empty hooch bottles and various articles of clothing drunkenly use the boulevards for their personal evacuations. now, i won't claim to be a shit expert, but i poop, and i've had dogs and had to clean up their poop. the differences are subtle, but they ARE different. and, judging by my morning observations, either there are some sick dogs in my neighborhood, or people shit on the lawns here.

5. this morning, on my ride to work, i saw a crossing guard (vest, hat, stop sign) drinking from a flask.
even more?
i don't think there are any schools in that area.
okay, both [livejournal.com profile] latuska and [livejournal.com profile] susiegrapefruit talked about their five favorite songs before 1980. i'm removing olivia newton-john's "a little more love" (1979) because i recently gooshed all over it in my journal, so we'll let it take the top prize for now. also, these are not my all-time favorites, just what i can think of off the top. favorites would take years to deduce, because i have trouble with prioritizing. let's just say, these are five "sure fire make-amber-happies pre-1980."

1. "rich girl" by hall & oats (1977)
i don't know why. i tried to sing it once at karoke, but bars are very loud and this song doesn't have a lot going on in the background to guide you key-wise. it doesn't help that i was pretty drunk at the time. it was a massacre. i've apologized to the song several times since that night.

2. "not responsible" by tom jones (1966)
okay, obviously, i find some glee in cheesiness. i've come to accept the fact that i listen to music for reasons other than "integrity."

3. "love train" by the o'jays (1973)
this is the song i always imagine could start a dance scene in real life. this is the song i think will be playing when peace breaks out in the middle east. if i'm out somewhere and this comes on the radio, it makes my entire day. in 2005, target saw an amber dance sensation in the shampoo aisle, the likes of which have never been witnessed since.

4. "ride a white swan" by t-rex (1970)
i had to change this from my original selection of a beach boys song because it's far superior on my happy scales. glam rock + druids is just fantastic and trumps "wouldn't it be nice" almost any day.

5. "venus" by frankie avalon (1959)
it's something about the female vocalists in the background, really. i want this sung to me. on a boat. in italy. by gregory peck.

top five acts i had to cut out of this list because they have top fives all their own in my world:
1. the beatles
2. the monkees
3. buddy holly
4. lesley gore
5. the bee-gees
1. the lovley woman
i went to target today to pick up a few knickerknackers, and as i was in the soap aisle, this adorable-and-spry little old lady comes up to me. she reminded me of june allyson a bit. she was looking for moisturizer for her fair face that had sunblock in it. how fortunate for her that a) i'm familiar with target, b) i'm not in a hurry, and c) i happen to use a moisturizer with spf. i know exactly what she needs. she's nice and thanks me.

later, we bump into each other again. this time she has a latino couple in tow...they're looking for paper towels. (she must be running a zig-zag all over the store as she goes down her list, picking up "helpers" as she goes.) i help her to the towels and she returns the favor by leading me to the sewing supplies (i needed velcro).

then she's all like, "you SEW?" and becomes very excited. "nobody sews anymore. i used to make my own dresses and jackets...do you need supplies? i have buttons and needles and fabrics...i can't sew anymore, but you can have them." of course this was thrilling; the prospect of free fabric was enticing. but i literally don't have storage space and i've committed myself to not accumulating anything i'm not going to immediately use. but still. nice lady.

2. sweets
i bought dark chocolate m&m's and am eating them right now. i should probably have lunch, but i would rather have these. i am looking forward to the diabetes i am mapping out for my later life.

3. unaware traveling partner
yesterday at B&N, i saw that "eat, love, pray" is 20% off. i am tempted by [livejournal.com profile] carinbrat to read it, and someday i will. but for now, i have books at home i can read for free. however. i opened it up in the middle to get a style sample and i saw that the author had spent some considerable time in bali. not just anywhere, but ubud, the village of monkeys and gamelan music. i even know what hotel she was staying at; ubud is small and monkey forest road is the main path. what's more, she said that the first time she'd been there was "a few weeks before the terrorist bombing." there is a high chance that we were there at the same time. i spoke to quite a few foreign women...so maybe we had a chat. interesting.

4. the edge of tolerance: bimbos
in a mall parking ramp today, a woman (i assume*) parked her mercedes benz in a turn break. you know, the lane half way along the rows of cars that you can cut through to the other side? she mistook it for a spot. i had parked in the spot right next to the lane to remember where i was, so it seemed odd to see a car there. here's the note i wanted to write: "does having all that wealth make up for intelligence, or do you get to pay the government for the privilege of non-adherence to the rules?" i thought about what would make me feel better in the long run, and went for this one instead, just to keep the karma neat and the language easy-to-read: "just so you're aware, you have parked in a driving lane. this is not a spot. (better luck next time.)" i mean, if i have to be catty and even write a note, at least i can make it sound helpful rather than pointing out the fact that she's probably a trophy wife.

(*mall, middle of the day, impeccable mercedes, unobservant parking. again: assumption. someday i will know the difference between good and evil thoughts. and i will continue to think the evil ones anyway.)

5. Where, where did my innocence go?
How, how was a young girl to know?
I'm trapped, trapped in the spell of your eyes
In the warmth of your arms
In the web of your lies

But it gets me nowhere to tell you no
And it gets me nowhere to make you go
Will a little more love make you start depending
Will a little more love bring a happy ending
Will a little more love make it right?
Will a little more love make it right?

[livejournal.com profile] latuska's post made me realize that we all have songs that, for one reason or another, will always have a soft spot in our hearts. be it childhood idols or memories, lyrics or influences...anyway. sometimes you love something beyond the ridicule you may receive from your peers. mine is olivia newton-john. like emma thompson in "love actually" talking about joni mitchell; "i love her. and real love lasts a lifetime." so i'm sharing this because this song just recently came back into my life from many many years ago. i'm serious, this is the song i emotionally sing along to alone in my apartment in my jammies using a wooden spoon for a mic. if you love her, if you need a kitch lift, if you need to tell the man in your life "no." whatever. use it well.

"a little more love" by olivia newton-john
yesterday was so crappy that i knew--I KNEW!--i was in for a goodun' in the near future. and when i woke up to snow, i knew--I KNEWWWWWW!!!--that the day had arrived!!!

heeeee!!!! *M'F'K'N DANCE!* whee!

1. walking in a snowstorm is the best ever. i don't care what you say. the greenway on the way to nicollet mall is beautiful under a mile of snow. and me in my cap and long wool coat and shoulder bag all covered with snow looks like a union soldier comin' home from war! the north will prevail!

2. who loves the cribs? _I_ love the cribs! i didn't have much experience with them, but knowing they are good chums with the kaiser chiefs and that they were opening for franz on the tour, i felt some listening was in order. we became pals today, the cribs and i. who knew--WHO KNEW--i could fall in love so quickly? it makes me even that much more excited for week of franz (now if we could just exchange DCFC for a better crew). and siri informs me that they put on a crazy beer-spilling performance. and they're from northern england, so score for dialect!

3. working in an office full of subrubanites on a snow day = the boss shuts down early so they can get home before it gets worse. sure. that's great in itself. but what's better? I HAD TIME TO MEET MY UNCLE KENNY AT THE AIRPORT BEFORE HE LEFT!!!! *gleedancegleedance* thank you, snow! thank you, lightrail stop right next to my work building! thank you, delayed flight! yaaaaaaaaay!!! yay, uncle kenny! he was so happy to see me! i almost cried right there.... hee. *clap*

4. and as i'm walking home, i think, "can this day get any better? surely not. like. if i got home and our final group of tickets were here." what's in the mailbox. WHAT'S IN THE M'F'K'N BASTARD MAILBOX!!!! MINNEAPOLIS FRANZ TICKETS!!! ALL THE TICKETS ARE IN! ROCK ON DETROIT! ROCK OVER CHICAGO! BRING IT HOME TO MINNEAPOLIS, FRONT ROW RIGHT INFRONT OF SPAZZY DANCE NICK! BOO! YAH! WEEK! OF! FRANZ! *collapse*

5. no. wait. it gets better. this.

who DOESN'T enjoy a gutful of guppies?

aho sent me this! do you see this shit!? aho! did you draw this? because, if you did, i'ma gounna lick you in your face. my mailbox was a wonder of magazines and tickets and fucking guppie-guzzling whales in pastel motif! i love you! i love my mailbox! i love franz! i love my uncle! i love the cribs! and now?! now i love dinner!!! amber out!
more fun with 5 things!!! ...this one's a little dull.

five things that sum up a very mixed-bag day.

1. the dog next door is howling like a fuck. it's been going on all night. he sounds hoarse now. i have never ever wanted to hurt an animal in my life. but i have to admit, i'm pretty close. not that it's his fault. he's just protecting his space from my guest. read on.

2. my uncle donnie passed away today. it's okay. he kind of distanced himself from us and i haven't seen him in 15 years. he's been sick with the cancer for a while...that's what 5 packs a day for 30 years will do for you. what makes me sad is that my family is sad and i'm not there with them. but i'm glad he went peacefully, he said he was ready to go...he was in a lot of pain. good for him.

3. i have a ghost in my apartment. eh. i've lived with them before--my sister used to listen to them in the living room of our old house and the victorian place i rented in duluth had one that liked to move things in the basement and open/shut doors. but this one just showed up today. i've had three pictures fall at me just today. these are pictures i have placed on top of window frames that have sat there for years. then, today, three of them fall, all when i'm under them or watching them (ask stephie, she was on the phone with me for one of them, i actually saw that one tip). when i tell this bastard to move on, the dog next door starts barking and clawing at the wall. and no, it's not donnie, he was a prankster, but i'd know if it was him. besides. donnie died in the afternoon and the first picture fell this morning. so i was later than i wanted to be for rehearsal tonight because i was busy taking all the framed pictures down...especially the japanese handkerchiefs in the heavy heavy glass frames above my bed. that could have resulted in disaster tonight.

4. work sucked, as it does every first working day of the month when the computer recalculates debt. and rehearsal rocked, as it does when there is any opportunity to get back to my movement roots. yay leqoc! i missed you!

5. i had a gyro for lunch. i like gyros. that was happy.

ETA: now this asshole is tipping things off my computer desk. HEY ASSHOLE, I'M RIGHT HERE. I SEE YOU. GOOD FOR YOU. now go through the fucking tunnel and be happy. i've got things to do.



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