Dec. 3rd, 2013

it's been a while. i've been up to my ears. a rundown of this year's projects:


THE SHOW: neighborhood 3: requisition of doom | theatre pro rata | assistant director | at gremlin theater.
THE CHALLENGE: i didn't really do much other than sit there. i didn't even get paid. but it was worth it to observe another director, pick up tricks, make mental notes on another person of similar position--the actor gone to helm. it was our last show in the gremlin.... ah, gremlin. come back to us.

THE SHOW: suitcase | sandbox theatre | writer/creator/performer of "the boyd girls" | at bryant lake bowl.
THE CHALLENGE: the first time writing for the stage. creating my own piece. with special effects. and putting it up for performing with little to no feedback. and finding time to do it while i was in production for another piece. also, i was sick for most of the performances.


THE SHOW: freshwater goes back to high school | freshwater theatre | robin in "alien love triangle" | at nimbus theater.
THE CHALLENGE: keeping my mouth shut. i was working with a fledgling director who would often let good choices or opportunities slip through her fingers. and while i knew what *I* would do with the script, i was not there to direct or be an associate. i was there to act. in the end, i met some really awesome people and had a lot of fun. and hey, ivey winner.


THE SHOW: family five fifths of the sorcerer's stone | winding sheet outfit for mn fringe fundraising | writer/director/ensemble in the third fifth | at stepping stone.
THE CHALLENGE: short notice, schedules, directing AND performing while in the middle of a million other things (we were already into rehearsals for tiny clandestines and workshops for turn signals, plus putting things together for summer suitcase).

THE SHOW: summer suitcase | sandbox theatre | writer/director of "the morrigan" | at bryant lake bowl.
THE CHALLENGE: same as five fifths above; we actually had to not perform on the first date because of five fifths.


THE SHOW: turn signals | freshwater theatre for mn fringe | director | at theatre in the round.
THE CHALLENGE: working with the playwright, scheduling, and directing in the round for the first time...where half the scenes are in a car. also, all sound and songs provided by cast.

THE SHOW: fringe orphans 2: orphan harder | navel gaze productions for mn fringe | creator/performer in "the sound of food" | at theatre in the round.
THE CHALLENGE: getting theo to trust me (boy, did he, finally) and then make sure he was taking care of himself (he was doing three shows in the fringe). also, fringing while lugging around a cooler full of food.

THE SHOW: suitcase | sandbox theatre for adventure theatre festival | performer in "by the time you read this, i'll be in idaho" and writer/creator/performer in "the boyd girls" | at jon hassler theatre.
THE CHALLENGE: finding time during fringe to rebuild "boyd girls" AND develop a clown routine for ryan's "idaho" script without 1) guidance or 2) disgusting ryan out of his head.


THE SHOW: theatre of the tiny clandestines | winding sheet outfit in conjunction with irrigate and springboard for the arts | producer/writer/director/performer/designer | at iris park and demming heights park.
THE CHALLENGE: everything. getting the grant, the permit, bedecking the tent, building the shows, publicity, schedules, heat, cold...IT WAS HARD, YO.

THE SHOW: good woman of setzuan | theatre pro rata | the family, also mask construction | at intermedia arts.
THE CHALLENGE: building masks. late music. eight characters at once.

in all, i worked REALLY hard this year. i did too much. but i learned a lot, worked with some of my favorite people, built lasting partnerships and mentorships, acquired new skills and confidence, and created a LOT of work i'm proud of. in my worries of letting my quality slip because of quantity, i did all right.

2014 is coming. i'm already set for directing elephant's graveyard starting in january, and i'm building a show with isabel nelson after that. i hope to be involved in a june touring production, and i'm actually going to a meeting tonight to talk about ideas for fringe. i'm not really thinking past that right now, as that gets me through more than half the year doing one project at a time and being able to breathe.

but things will pop up. opportunities will arise.

they always do.



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