Feb. 27th, 2013

neighborhood 3. status: closed. what i learned: lots. nothing that i want to share here.

suitcase. status: closed, with option to use the piece i made for my own. maybe i will stretch it out later. what i learned: lots, and i could share it here, but it's nothing surprising. i am happy with the results and got out of it exactly what i needed to.

off book. status: performed. i like a good challenge. what i learned: people are awesome.


remember when i was doing the 44 gallery and making a fringe show and i said never two shows at once again and then jumped on another show the day after closing and then january and february came and i was assistant directing a show and making another show during my cranny times and was all like, i'm taking a break and i'm never doing that again? and guess who's about to take on a one-act festival while developing her own traveling theatre and then immediately jumping on coordinating musical talent for her company's summer show while getting ready to participate in the making of not one but possibly three different fringe shows and then planning on jumping in feet first on her company's fall show while getting ready to direct again? currently booked a year out. how did that happen?

i have a full time job and friends and family, promise.

i remember sleeping.

for now, i am getting rid of some craft items and glorying in the power of raw, grab-n-eat foods. how is it already march? oh yeah. february's short. still.

and i was thinking of taking up crochet. what a silly ninny.

some day i will be sitting around and stitching and complaining about not having enough theatre to do. gotta soak it up now.



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